Eriocephalus punctulatus is the reigning Queen of essential oils, and she aint shy! When distilled at the right temperature, the azulene components of the oil are developed and the oil displays an utterly spectacular blue colour. The colour can vary somewhat, and the blue does start to fade after about a year, but the smell certainly doesn't. She's complex and floral, with both top and bottom notes present. 

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Eriocephalus punctulatus is part of the Asteraceae family, distant relation to German Chamomile and Roman Chamomile. She is a prolific flowerer and puts on a real show with a blanket of small white flower-heads. The plants are tricky to grow with a high seedling mortality rate. Our farmers have put in many years of work in order to understand the balance of irrigation and food required by this spectacular fynbos plant.  Hand harvested once a year in August. 

Cape Chamomile is indigenous to South Africa, and she has gained a huge amount of popularity worldwide. We supply customers from all around the globe. Cape Chamomile is used in high-end cosmetics and perfumes. Cape Chamomile is a potent anti-inflammatory and well known for its calming properties. This is an incredibly valuable oil with a whimsical and incredibly distinctive smell. 



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