An important “by-product” is the hydrosol from which the oil has separated.  This comes through at the rate of 15-20 litres / hour for a 75kg still. Hydrosols are becoming more and more and more popular in the market.


A hydrosol is the essential oil condensate, or distillate, once the oil itself has been tapped off during the distillation process. The hydrosol will carry minute amounts of the essential oil itself but more particularly will carry the scent and flavour of they plant distilled. Hydrosols are very safe to use and are becoming more and more popular in cosmetics, skin care, and in drink and food preparation.


Cape Fynbos Oils can supply hydrosols for all of our essential oils. Our hydrosols are 100% pure and natural and a direct product of our steam distillation process.


Hydrosols are best ordered in advance of a specific distillation in order to ensure both supply and freshness of the product. Most hydrosols have a safe shelf life of 12-18 months provided they are carefully stored (cool and dark). We choose to deliver within three months of any distillation. 


Our prices for hydrosols are generally in the range of R40/litre Final pricing will depend on the volume required and the packaging used. Given volumes and weight the transport costs can be significant.


When ordering hydrosols please note that availability is dependent on harvesting and distillation seasons. Our farmers will only transport hydrosols off the farm in volumes determined by the demand.  It is strongly advisable to place a pre-order or perhaps even to order an annual requirement.


Uses of hydrosols

Cosmetics, Skin care, aromatherapy, soaps and shampoos, air sprays and misters, food and drinks  - personal use or industry, pet care, and many more.


Cost 2021

R40/litre + packaging and courier


Volumes:  MOQ is 10L. We only sell hyrdosol in 10L quantities (10L; 20L, 30L etc)


Distillation  - anticipated season reflecting availability (for orders / preorders)


Essential oil

Common name

Distillation date

Artemisia afra

Wllde Als; Wormwood


Agathosma betulina


Agathosma crenulata

Coleonema album

Cape May


Eriocephalus africanus

African Snowbush

Eriocephalus punctulatus

Cape Chamomile


Eriocephalus tenuipes

Kouga Snowbush


Helichrysum odoratissimum

African Immortelle

December / June

Helichrysum patulum


Helichrysum petiolare

Silver Everlasting

December / June

Helichrysum splendidum

Cape Gold

December - May

Lavandula abrialis



Lavandula angustifolia

True lavender

Melaleuca alternifolia

Tea tree

Usually late summer

Pelargonium graveolens

Rose geranium

Pelargonium panduriforme

Balsam-scented geranium


Pentzia dentata



Pteronia incana



Salvia chamalaegnea

Blue Mountain Sage 

Rosemary (cineole)

Tuscan Blue

Rosemary (verbenone)

Creeping Rosemary