our business practices

We are a small group of farmers committed to regenerative farming practices. Our focus is on aromatic fynbos botanicals found only in the Western Cape Fynbos and Karoo biomes. Currently we produce close on 20 different essential oils. Minimising soil disturbance, mulching for soil enrichment and weed control, and harvesting by hand are integral to our farming practice. Our products are 100% pure and 100% organic and, although we have not sought certification, this is our guarantee.

Our partnership is directed at supporting the conservation of the Cape Floral Kingdom with its abundant biodiversity and high level of endemism. The beautifully rich herbaceous aromas and medicinal qualities of so many fynbos and Karoo species are a treasured resource for all.

Cape Fynbos Essential Oils are extracted from sustainably grown, single origin plants, many propagated from plants sourced on our own farms. These are planted, weeded and harvested by hand, and immediately steam-distilled. Currently we distill the highest quality essential oils from 14 indigenous fynbos botanicals and four non-indigenous botanicals. Cape Fynbos Oils are undiluted, retaining the purest form of each aromatic and therapeutic property.  

Our partnership and farming enterprises have helped to create permanent jobs in local communities. Invaluable indigenous knowledge is also being revived. This is a people-centred process, where farm workers take full ownership of the process - from propagating cuttings to harvesting, distilling and bottling. Building professional relationships, fostering community empowerment, and respecting and applying the indigenous wisdom of our employees are the key values that lead us onward.

A learning laboratory

As growers we are constantly exploring and experimenting with the medicinal benefits and applications of new plants. For many of these plants little is known about cultivation, biomass production, or oil yields. We are harvesting this information and sharing our knowledge as we learn.  

Our botanicals and essential oils are all organically grown and steam-distilled on the farm in an ecologically sensitive manner (not certified). Propagation, growing and distilling take place on our partner farms, Lentelus in the Bo-Kouga and Rockhaven in the Groot Winterhoek.

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