Pelargonium panduriforme - Kouga Malva - Cape Fynbos Oils

Pelargonium panduriforme - Kouga Malva

anti-viral + nerve relief
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Antimicrobial activity

Pelargonium panduriformeKouga Malva
balsam-scented geranium (Eng.)
100% pure and natural essential oil
Single origin and source
Harvest + distillation occurs July
Method of extraction: steam distillation
Plant part: flowering tops and leaf

P. panduriforme has a very limited distribution within the Fynbos - Karoo Biome transition. Found in the Kammanassie and Bo-Kouga mountain ranges of the Western Cape.
Cape Fynbos Oils is the only known producer of this oil. 

Traditionally used for wound-healing. Initial user reports are that this oil has  remarkable calming effects, and “brings peace and tranquillity”,  anti-inflammatory, moderate antimicrobial effects, pronounced antimalarial activity.

Aromatic profile
Floral, pungent, balsam-scented fragrance.

Add five drops into a bath, diffuser, humidifier or pillow. This oil has a delightful fragrance with great potential in cosmetics and perfumery, as well as for use in foodstuffs and in citrus beverages.

Points of Interest
Pelargonium panduriforme has chemical constituents not dissimilar to the very well known P. graveolens (Rose Geranium). “Panduri” is extra high in linalool, terpinen-4-ol, and limonene, with substantial viridiflorol and p-cymene. Given its own special chemistry we believe that it will prove generally superior in its health-supporting properties. 
This is a new indigenous fynbos oil first distilled by Cape Fynbos Oils farmers co-operative in 2021. To the best of our knowledge we are the only producer of this oil.