Pteronia incana - Fire-Bush - Cape Fynbos Oils

Pteronia incana - Fire-Bush

anti-pyretic + Energising
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Pteronia incana - Fire-Bush (Eng.);
Ash-Bush (Eng.); Kraakbos, Asbos (Afr.)
100% pure and natural essential oil
Single origin and source
Harvest + distillation occurs July - September
Method of extraction: steam distillation
Plant part: flowering tops and leaf
P. Incana often thrives on degraded lands in drier areas that are difficult to classify as belonging to either of the Karoo or Fynbos biomes. 
This rough but fine-scented plant is harvested out of the wild in the Karoo hills of the Bo-Kouga, and distilled exclusively for Cape Fynbos Oils. 

A tough and rugged grey bush with yellow flowers that burns ferociously (crackle-bush). This shrub carries the distinct and extraordinary scent of the Karoo.
Traditionally used to treat respiratory conditions. Also has a skin-softening quality.

Aromatic profile
Complex, wild, herbaceous scent reminiscent of the Karoo.

Add five drops into a bath, diffuser, humidifier or pillow to relieve anxiety and improve mood. Anti-microbial.